Information on the processing of personal and sensitive data for TCI apps
Our apps collect information to provide better service and a better user experience.
Your privacy is very important to us, this document explains how we collect, use and protect data.
Information we use in the TCI app:
Mail (used to confirm registration to the cloud service)
The App uses the mail only if the user explicitly registers to the CLOUD service, activating the relevant option in the “Account” menu, and it is stored on the device and sent to the control panel exclusively on explicit user request, or when pressed the Sign Up button.
The app stores and sends only the information relating to the lamps to the control panel, no other content of the mobile device is manipulated or sent to the control panel.
Other information
No personal information of the user is stored or transmitted (for example, telephone number, name, images, documents or other personal data). The only information stored and transmitted by the app are exclusively the data referring to the networks of lamps that you want to check.
Data protection
TCI Telecomunicazioni Italia srl has implemented reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect information transmitted by accidental loss, improper use and unauthorized access, as well as unauthorized disclosure, alteration and destruction.
How information is disclosed
TCI can collaborate with third parties in relation to particular products or services. These third parties may have access to the information necessary to perform their functions, insofar as they are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information. We reserve the right to disclose your information as required by law when such disclosure is necessary to comply with a regulatory requirement, court order or court order.
Changes to the Privacy document
This document may undergo changes and / or additions at any time, at the discretion of TCI Telecomunicazioni Italia srl, if the undersigned company deems it appropriate.
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